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Former crime reporter and Managing Editor for the Madera Tribune, Glenna Jarvis has dedicated herself to bringing the news to Central California’s Madera County. She  has been a professional journalist for 15 years, holding positions of managing editor for both the Tribune and the Cleburne Eagle News in Cleburne, Texas.
In her capacity as crime reporter, she has seen first hand the results of the darker side of humanity; drug use and production, rape and murder. She has sat through numerous criminal trials, studying the criminal process as she not only reported on the cases but also stored the  knowledge away to add realism to her novels.
Fascinated by the criminal mind, she spends her spare time reading psychological profiles, court transcripts, true crime, thriller novels, mystery novels, horror novels, textbooks on evidence and forensic science, folklore, or riding with police officers and sheriff’s deputies. She has attended autopsies and wrote a feature series for the Tribune on unsolved homicides in the  hope that someone would come forward with fresh leads that would unlock the mysteries.
She graduated from the Citizens’ Police Academy in Cleburne Texas in 1997 where she learned to develop fingerprints, how to assess a crime scene, protect the integrity of a crime scene, and the power of a police officer’s weapon. An avid supporter of Crime Stoppers, she served two years on the Crime Stoppers Board of Directors for the State of California. She worked as a Community Service Officer dispatching for the Chowchilla Police Department before returning to the world of crime reporting.
She has developed solid working relationships with members of all branches of law enforcement, many of whom she calls friends. From the district attorney to probation officers, warrants clerks to police detectives and gang specialists, she has a wealth of information and resources at her fingertips.
In addition to sitting on the Crime Stoppers board, she was a board member of the San Joaquin Valley Paleontology Foundation, founder of the Central Valley Writers’ Workshop, and currently sits on the Madera County Behavioral Health Advisory Board. She is a member of The Writerie and lifetime member of The CVWW, both read and critique groups whose members dedicate themselves to professionalism and improving the quality of their writing. She is a former member of the DFW Writers’ Workshop in Euless, Texas, the Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, the Golden Triangle Writers’ Guild, and the Johnson County Creative Writers.
She has received awards for her investigative reporting from the California Grand Jurors’ Association and the Cleburne Lawful Studies Group, and has been honored for her dedication by Madera County Victims’ Services.
Now a Legislative Assistant for the Madera County Board of Supervisors, the governing body of Madera County, California, she lives in the Central Valley with her Border Collie Penny Lane, cat Sadie, and the cat-spirits of Sid Vicious, Precious, Orion and Spooky Mulder. She has two sons, Aaron Sanders of Missouri, and Adam Sanders of California.
When she isn’t writing, she enjoys growing herbs, gourmet cooking and sampling fine wines.

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  1. liznmarie says:

    can I pre-order the book and what form will it be,

  2. admin says:

    Since it’s my first, I don’t believe there is a pre-order option. It will be availble in both ePub and Mobi formats (Mobi is strictly Kindle, ePub is for all other readers). AND it should be available much sooner than I expected! I posted to Barnes and Nobel last night, so we’ll see what they do. Once I get the Mobi file, I’ll post to Amazon.

    • darrch says:

      What formats will be available for those with just a Windows PC? i.e. no portable electronic reader of any kind.

      • admin says:

        As mentioned (below, replied at the wrong place–still getting the hang of this!) the application is available for PC, and by the end of September, the paperback will be available through all retail channels. Forgot to mention that!

  3. admin says:

    Both Barnes and Noble and Amazon have free, downloadable applications you can get for your PC, which makes it nice when you don’t have a e-reader. I hope you enjoy my novel!

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