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As an author and writing instructor, I have volunteered hours of my time helping other writers hone their craft and reach their goals of publication. Here, on this site, I hope to continue reaching out to fellow writers, answer questions, offer instruction and help demystify the mystery of writing.

Writers of all genres are welcome. Post comments, ask questions, or offer advice for everyone who lands on this site in his/her quest toward  publication.

Keep writing!


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7 Responses to All About Writing

  1. sammyslang says:

    I’m so excited! I love you!

  2. Just happened on to your article. I am the present owner of the Cleburne Eagle Newspaper in Cleburne, Texas and have owned it 6 years. I was amazed at finding someone whose background was with the Eagle. Please tell me more of your working for the Eagle! Thanks Don Rice-owner & publisher of the Cleburne Eagle News

    • admin says:

      Small world! Yes, I worked a total of four years when John and Tina Harrison owned the paper. Two years (I think 1993-94) then again after I returned from Maine (I think 1997-98). I worked there until I moved to California in October of 1998, which is when I joined the Madera Tribune staff. then, the Eagle was on the ground level of the old hotel, a block away from the courthouse. Don Rice–Your name is very familiar. Did you work for another publication?

  3. desktoppirate says:

    Jarvis has a way of stringing words together that demands a person’s full attention and makes one not want to put the book down because of an overwhelming desire to read the next word, the next sentence, the next paragraph. Her descriptions are spot on, giving one the uncanny feeling that he/she is a living witness to the action unfolding around them. Whether it be Morales and his candy bar or the Sandmann himself with his penchant for green-eyed women, Jarvis’ characters are not only memorable; they are unforgettable. Move over David Baldacci. Step aside Sue Grafton. Make way for the new Queen of Mystery. With her first novel, SANDMANN, Glenna Jarvis has made it to the top of the heap and has no intention of giving up her crown!

  4. WMoal says:

    I was in CVWG many years ago. I got a lot of helpful observations from her and other members. If anybody wants advice on writing, Glenna is a valuable resource. Thanks, Glenna.

  5. desktoppirate says:

    Just read your exert from Free Fall. Good stuff! As with Sandmann, you left me yearning for MORE, MORE, MORE!

  6. desktoppirate says:

    Like a verbal Rembrandt, Jarvis weaves the reader into a nonstop world of intrigue and mayhem where first impressions are not always the right impressions. Go with Hannah Monakee as she breaks through the facade of respectability and exposes a world of murder and greed unlike anything she has ever seen before. Adrenaline rushes and accelerated heartbeats are commonplace and without realizing it, you find yourself and Hannah living, breathing and acting as one as you live life on the edge of disaster, determined to prove your suspicions are not the product of an overactive imagination.

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